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C. Paula Krentzel, PhD, a practicing psychologist for three decades, is a certified EMDR clinician and an Approved EMDR Consultant.  She is a Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) Facilitator and a member of the Boston Trauma Response Network. Dr. Krentzel was trained at Massachusetts General Hospital and Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. 


Dr Krentzel has developed the Distancing Technique for the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders. She presented at EMDR Canada and EMDR International Association in 2021.

Areas of  Expertise:
Confound Face
Rubik's Cube

Anxiety Disorders (OCD)




Attachment Disorders




Golden Chakra
Sad Girl

Chronic Medical Disorders





Crying Eye

* Consultation and supervision are available, individual or groups.  Clinicians please contact me here.

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